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Guy Postiaux

The lung is not a set of increasingly smaller, parallel-connected tubes, but an infinite sequence of expanding surfaces, connected in series.

For a new paradigm


The new clinical, methological and technological approach which is presented on this site relates to the treatment of the bronchopulmonary  obstruction of the adult,  the child and the infant.


The Specialized-nCPT which is described here is the result of almost 20 years of research in collaboration with doctors and engineers. It is based on rigorous scientific data.


The method of Guy Postiaux  has been the teaching object systematized in many schools and universities for more than 15 years in all Europe, like in Latin America and in the United States. It is in constant evolution and update according to the most recent scientific assets.


This  method-nCPT (new Chest Physiotherapy) is distinguished from the conventional techniques of cCPT(Conventional Chest Physiotherapy) which are here questionned.


We hope that the reading of our site will draw your attention to new techniques -nCPT in the best interest of the patients who are entrusted to you.