CV of G.POSTIAUX, PT, Charleroi, Belgium.

Member of Belgian Physiotherapy Scientific Society
Member of the European Corsa Group (computerized recording and analysis of respiratory sounds) (ECC)
Member of the International Lung Sounds Association (USA)

Full Professor at the High-School Charleroi-Europe and Leonard de Vinci, Brussels (B)

Invited Professor at Ramon Lull University of Barcelone (SP).
Invited Professor at the Minas Gerais University (Brazil).
Invited Professor at the CEES University, Madrid (SP)
Lecturer at the Free University of Brussels (ULB)

Head of the Respiratory and Cardio-vascular Physiotherapic dept, Centre Hospitalier Notre-Dame et Reine Fabiola. (Charleroi-B)

Founder and Honorary Member of the European Respiratory and Cardio-vascular Physiotherapic Society

Expert at the "Première Conférence Internationale de Consensus sur la toilette bronchique", Lyon-France, déc 1994.
Expert at the "Conférence de Consensus sur la Bronchiolite (Société Française de Pédiatrie)", Paris-France septembre 2000.
Expert at the "Conférence de Consensus sur les Techniques Instrumentales en Kinésithérapie Respiratoire-JIKRI". Lyon-France, 16/17 novembre 2000.


Author of :

"Kinésithérapie respiratoire et auscultation pulmonaire", aux éditions Deboeck-Université à Bruxelles et aux Editions Universitaires à Paris (déc. 1990-épuisé)


"La kinésithérapie respiratoire de l'enfant", aux éditions Deboeck-Université à Bruxelles. 3ème édition, janv. 2003. Avec CD d'auscultation pulmonaire.

"Fisioterapia respiratoria en el nino". Ed Mc Graw Hill Interamerica, Madrid, 1999. Avec CD d'auscultation pulmonaire.
"Fisioterapia Respiratoria Em Pediatria" éd. Artmed Editora. Porto Alegre, Brazil. 2003.

Co-inventor with Dr E. Lens, of the ELENS-Digital Stethacoustic ANALYSER, patented N° 88870110.9- le 25/07/89 near the Office Européen des Brevets.